After playing geetar for a while, I wanted to try and move on to some extra tunings. For example, Drop D, Drop C, Downtune Half Step e.t.c.

However, I can't do it by ear, and the automatic tuner I use right now fails to inform me if I'm tuned to anything other than the standard tuning as it only includes the standard six strings and flat\sharp display. I tried dropping half a step with it, setting whatever note I'm dropping to flat but the amount of wiggle room with sound that it gives me before switching to the next note is ridiculous.

I'm looking for a tuner that will actually tell me when I'm tuned to D# or C. However, I know nothing of tuners, what to look for, what I should expect to pay, and what the specific kind I'm looking for is called.
korg ga-30. as long as you know how to work the flat button you can tune to any tuning.
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Just get a chromatic tuner. That'll be able to tune half steps.
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