Hello UGer's. This is a copy of my post in the Original recordings section, obviously I posted it in the wrong spot :P

This is the Guitarist from the band Stereo Pacific here, just wanting to get some exposure, gain a larger fan base, of course what every band wants.

No better place than here I guess.

Check us out at OUR MYSPACE

We now have two songs up and running, the production quality is low. Recorded Via Labtop, so dont expect it to be to loud. Turn up your volume. :P There is also another in the works right now.

There are also alot of goofup's in these recordings for some reason, we normally dont do that haha.

Just want some comments and opinions, thanks so much. Please add us if you like what you here!
It wasn't anything special in my eyes. To be honest, I felt like I was listening to Killswitch Engage.
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hey guys!
quality is low, but you guys are not bad!
i prefer to look at you guys as your own band and not compare you with the bigger names.
i liked it.

some advice about recording:

we also record via laptop and are doing our whole album on it. Check out our recordings:
obviously theyre low quality, but they arent too bad either (for a laptop anyway)
the key is to play around with it. Move it everywhere in the room and try to find one place that gets the best sound and DONT MOVE ANYTHING ONCE YOU FIND IT. Its how we did it.