i don't reckon this'll kill them, but every now and then on my gibson sg i'll take my index or middle finger and press on the string between the tunomatic and the stop to bend the pitch ever so slightly. i was just wondering if that was bad for the strings or bridge?
not at all

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Not bad unless you press down as hard as you possibly can, which the only thing that might happen is a broken string and a hurt finger.
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I think your okay.

FYI playing anything anyway is bad for your strings, thats why their only 10 bucks
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nothing is bad about that at all, some guitarists do it for effect due to the lack of tremelo
When the string breaks its bad Then you will learn the limit for how much you can push/pull.
can do it behind the nut to. probably easier to bend the pitch behind the nut vs the bridge
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You can wear them slightly, but the main problem is that bending there can easily throw off your tuning
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