Ok so i have been playing guitar for 4 years. I just started my 3rd band and have decided to start singing as well as playing guitar. The problem is that I don't know jack about a mic setup. so here are some questions i have because i am super confused right now.

1.Can i/should i use one of my guitar amps as a vocal amp?
2.Do i need to buy something to convert the 3 prong plug from the mic to a 1 prong to fit into a normal amp?
3.can i just buy an amp to plug the mic into?
4. Please just explain every piece of gear i would need

So i am willing to spend $175 max on what i need to just get this thing set up.
Anyway the singers in my last two bands pretty much had all this covered and i really didn't pay any attention to it (which i now regret) because it really didn't apply to me. Thanks for the help btw!
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How big are the venues that you are currently playing? What sort of PA setup do you have, if any? You really want vocals to go out through your frontage. You could achieve this with a small mixing board, a small power amp, a couple of PA speakers and some appropriate cables (XLR, 1/4", speak-on, banana plug, etc.) depending on the type of board, power amp and speakers you have/purchase.

If you have additional questions, shoot me a message through UG.