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Ibanez Talman TCY10
3 38%
Ibanez V70CE
0 0%
Epiphone AJ-100CE
5 63%
Voters: 8.
I just joined ultimate-guitar because i am going to start guitar soon and i want to know what guitar i should buy, after looking around this site i found out that i wouldn't be buying anything that good for under $200 but to tell the truth since i am going to be buying my first guitar, i don't want to be spending $500+ for a hobby that i might not even follow through with, so I've been looking around for a cheap guitar and have narrowed it down to three guitars:

Ibanez V70CE

Ibanez Talman TCY10

Epiphone AJ-100CE


i've narrowed it down to these three guitars because they all have cutaways; i've taken some guitar classes in school and have learnt quite alot on my own too, i need a cutaway since most of the songs i learnt on my own using school guitars had required access to the frets after the 12th, i know they're acoustic-electrics but the only reason i narrowed it down to these guitars is because none of the acoustics in my price range had cutaways.
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Epiphone. The others are ugly.
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epiphone acoustics don't sound too great in my opinion... never tried an ibanez though
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DUDE buy a les paul!!!SLASH PLAYS IT!!
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Epiphone IMO
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I know these are one of those cheap crappy makes but i bought a Collins Semi-Acoustic for £50 and is a really nice guitar, it has a good sound to it. Don't think that spending more money nesscerely means better quality.


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epiphone acoustics don't sound too great in my opinion... never tried an ibanez though

I have a Ibanez AEL20E its really nice has great tone to it, every always comments on it too. but i would say dont spend money on a electro acoustic if its your first as it will be wasted if you never play live.
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I have the V70CE. Naturally with any Acoustic-Electric within that price range, the electronics SUCK. But I actually really like the feel and playability of the V as an acoustic. And for some reason, that puppy stays in tune for a LONG time, I don't now why.

i have a talman and i love it. 'sept mine is more of an orange color. they didnt have blue when i got it. the higher end ones sound good. the lower end ones sound like crap.
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