Ok so i have been playing guitar for 4 years. I just started my 3rd band and have decided to start singing as well as playing guitar. The problem is that I don't know jack about a mic setup. so here are some questions i have because i am super confused right now.

1.Can i/should i use one of my guitar amps as a vocal amp?
2.Do i need to buy something to convert the 3 prong plug from the mic to a 1 prong to fit into a normal amp?
3.can i just buy an amp to plug the mic into?
4. Please just explain every piece of gear i would need

So i am willing to spend $175 max on what i need to just get this thing set up.
Anyway the singers in my last two bands pretty much had all this covered and i really didn't pay any attention to it (which i now regret) because it really didn't apply to me. Thanks for the help btw!
1. YOu could plug it into a guitar amp, but I wouldn't out of preference.
2. If you do, you could simply buy a cheaper Mic with a simple 1/4 jack.
3. You can buy a PA system, which is what I recommend.
4. Mixer board and PA system. You can get a cheap on from Musiciansfriend.com for 199.
1. Yes and No. You can use a normal amp, but since most mics operating at very low levels, it will be hard to get a good signal out of it. Normally you use a PA or someting like a monitor to amplify the mic signal.

2. Yes. Look for an XLR to instrumentplug cable.

3. You could, there are several amps out there like Keyboardamps or vocal amps which are basicly a mixer with an powered speaker.

4. First of all an decent Mic. Shure, Sennheiser, something like this. Don't save at the wrong thing. Next thing you would need is either a Amp like mentioned before, or a Mixer (powered or unpowered) plus a Speaker (active or passive). You might need an power amp, too, if you don't have an powered mixer and a passive Box.

Best would be to go to your local store and ask what they can offer you. As long as you dont use it for live, i think you could use a behringer mixer with an cheap box or something like this. It will be hard to get something decent for 175$, but maybe possible...

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