Whats the quality issue with instruments made in Asia for example compared to like Mexico or the US? I know American made guitars are considered the best made, but the one I'm looking into getting is made in Korea, how's that affect the quality if at all?
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Japanese Fenders are supposed to be the best value out of Fenders. I'm not too sure about other companies, my Ibanez was made in Indonesia and it seems solid enough
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I bought a Korean made Washburn eight years ago, and it's still the guitar I depend on most.
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My Ibanez that I've had a few years was made in Indonesia and seems ok, I'm going to get a Schecter that is made in Korea.
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It depends on the manufacturer. (not the brand)

Anything made by Cort is usually pretty good.
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ive noticed that the fender geddy lee j-bass is made in japan, i played it and the neck and the fretboard felt like it had too much lacquer, other than that....very nice and only 560$...i also picked up a MIM jazz, nice....except all three control knobs felt like s@#$, I then proceeded to play a squire jazz, the nut looked sloppy, and the tone not as sweeet as the MIM, however, the three control knobs were very smooth when rotated. does anyone have any feedback...mind u, that these were all floor models.
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Lakland Skylines are made in Korea and Indonesea, and the quality is normally higher than American Fenders. A lot of Japanese-made instruments are of superb quality, such as Fender Japan and ESP.

And from my perspective, Germany is overseas....
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well both of the guitars i own are made iin korea and thae bass i own is also. but i used to own a guitar made in america. i really dont think it matters where it is made, it matters more about what the company's quality standards are.

never buy a dean, btw, i got a dean once and it ****ing sucked.
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it doesn't depend on where it's made it depends on what brand it is.

an indonesian lakland is a million times better than an indonesian squier
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Its all the manufacturer, not the location. Almost all Fender sig models are made in Japan - my Marcus Miller jazz is MIJ, and Marcus Miller's are regarded by some here on the bass forums as the best jazz bass fender makes.
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Just recently got a Fender Jazz 24 made in Korea and its a quality instrument. I think the greatest thing you have to fear with an overseas guitar isnt so much the quality of materials but more the quality control in construction. Generally a good idea to just find one in a shop somewhere and see what you think.