After the release of “Absolute Zero EP” this past summer, which featured five out of the eight songs from the full-length, Tetrafusion has finally released their debut full-length entitled “Absolute Zero”, an instrumental concept album depicting the birth, life, and death of the universe.

“Absolute Zero” is a concept album based on cosmology, along with the associated theorems and laws behind it. The album depicts the life of the universe from beginning to end via the form of instrumental progressive/experimental rock music.

To view the detailed explanation of the concept behind each track from “Absolute Zero”, please visit the band’s latest blog entry at this location:

We would be EXTREMELY grateful to receive any feedback regarding the music and the concept from you guys! I know I’ve posted here before, so check out the newer songs if you happened to have heard the older songs, or have read my previous threads. Keep in mind also if you’ve heard our songs before, the entire album has been completely re-mastered. Some of the songs sound significantly different!

--- (newer songs include “The End”, “Energy”, and “Time Lapse&rdquo

If you enjoy heavier rock/metal songs, check out “The Beginning”, “Dark Matter”, “Energy”, or “Inertia”.

If you enjoy more classical/symphonic songs, check out “The End”, “Gravity”, or “Momentum”.

“Time Lapse” is simply a drum/bass jam song.

Feel free to check out our documentary-style EPK for “Absolute Zero”, offering a first-hand insight regarding the band’s goals, music, writing process, and formation with interviews and other related clips:

Check out the songs at our MySpace page:

To hear the uncompressed, high-quality versions of our songs (as opposed to MySpace’s awful compression!), visit either our Facebook page or our Last.FM page at the following locations:



All 8 tracks are uploaded to the two sites above as well, as opposed to MySpace’s 6-song limit.

If you like what you hear and enjoy our music, the album is available for worldwide purchase both digitally and physically;

To purchase a physical copy of “Absolute Zero”, visit our MySpace page below as you will be able to purchase it directly through PayPal – (Tetrafusion, LLC is a verified PayPal business!)

The album will soon be available for physical purchase via Amazon and CDBaby starting sometime next week:

To purchase “Absolute Zero” digitally, visit the following locations:



Also available on Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, Lala, etc.

Thanks so much guys…I really hope you enjoy the music! I appreciate any feedback anyone might have. We’ve worked really hard for the past year on this (believe me), and hope we can become an interest to the open-minded listener! Have a great week everyone!

I dig it. Although a singer could be really useful, but I assume its your choice not to have one, or you're looking for one....
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Awesome man..I really appreciate you checking us out. All future material for us (next CD I guess) will feature vocals ten fold. We just made our first release instrumental for several reasons.

Anyway, again, thanks for checking us! If anyone else has any feedback, let me know!

dude I like it! its pretty nice music!
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Quote by d.c.guitar
dude I like it! its pretty nice music!

Sweet man! I appreciate you listening.

Any other takers?!?!