I'm starting a guitar program at a summer camp for this year and I need some help with what my curriculum should include and where. I'm going to be having kids come in once a week for anywhere between 2-8 weeks (I know....) and there are going to be kids of all different levels so here's what I was thinking:
Absolute Beginners:
How to hold, strum etc.
String names
Open/Power Chords

Notes on strings
Beginning Theory

Help with songs they're learning on their own

Does anyone have any suggestions as to something I'm leaving out or something I should/shouldn't be doing?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
improvisation for intermediate and advanced, and basics of improv for beginners (i.e. minor pentatonic.)
I wouldn't worry about theory in the beginning classes, chances are they want to play guitar to play songs, not learn music theory. Introducing theory to the more advanced students would be better imo.
care/maintenance info for beginners & absolute?
playing expert on guitar hero perfectly DOES NOT mean you can play guitar.