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im looking for some good instrumental songs to learn, just guitar. Something that will sound good with just an acoustic, so a song that's clean electric would work too. Nothing too hard please, as i kind of suck.. Thanks in advance

also, used searchbar, didn't find anything

Didn't look hard enough. Try again bud.

But I'll be nice and answer your question. Buckethead.
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i looked at that thread, not really answers quite like im looking for, that's more for listening to

but you can also learn them
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If I could fly I'm learning it to play at my talent show next year.

Oh tune, I love coldplay.
ocean- john butler trio
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Dee by Randy Rhoads. Really isn't that hard. Or if you want something really easy, try Risen by Shadows Fall.
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"Is there anybody out there?" by Pink Floyd, it sounds good either acoustic or clean electric, and is fairly easy.
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All in the Waiting by Buckethead.
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To actually contribute (although there is probably a better sub-forum for this) you could try Ten Words by Joe Satriani but just miss out the solo.