very nice, i'm liking that finish/top. looks good, how's it play/sound ?
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very nice, i'm liking that finish/top. looks good, how's it play/sound ?

Plays like a dream. Seriously low action with ever so slight string buzz uniform from end to end that cleans up with lighter picking.
Neck is smooth as glass.
looks gorgeous!
i love my Agiles!
Agile are an amazing company & do pro quality sh!t for fairly cheap!
I bid you a life time of happiness with it
Sweet. I like the color. This is just my opinion, but I would change the knobs for chrome ones. That would make it pop.... Congrats.
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Awesome! That's beautiful.
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Looks like an ocean!
Sunn O))):
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do pro quality sh!t for fairly cheap!


Not saying they aren't good, but pro?

Come on..
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The color is amazing!
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The Top on that Is Gorgeous! Definetly blows my Epi top out of the water :P

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how much did that rack you up?
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