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I'm wanting to buy a new guitar, I'm looking at an Epiphone Futura Prophecy EX and an Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX.
they both have the same pickups, and the futura is way cheaper, but I've always loved the Les Paul body style,

I play like Post-Hardcore music i.e Protest the Hero, but I also like to play slower melodies, clean stuff.

I think these guitars would be good for that.

Am I right?

Which would be better?

If neither, please recommend me a nice guitar, thanks.
They both can be used for the same music. They have the same pickups. They're actually pretty similar But the Les Paul has bad upper fret access. It also has a different scale length so they will feel completely different. Try them out. I would personally go with the Futura. The longer scale makes it easier to play complex thing (for me at least), you get better fret access, and it's cheaper
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because that's where you generally find them used

So? If they have all the exact same features then they will both play the same styles. I say go for whichever one feels better in your hands.
Alright, I think I may just go with the futura, mainly because I'm only fourteen and can't get a job, so It's hard to get money
Yeah, but in this case I would say that the guitars he's looking at would have the same purpose since they have very similar specs and the same pups.
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Most post-hardcore bands play SG's, its cheaper new then a used Furtura, and it has a fixed bridge which will make it easier to change tunings.
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neither, don't waste your money and get better taste in music

Eff off, prick.

Well, if you say it's hard to come across money and you NEED the guitar now, the Futura could work. It's not like it's a bad guitar. Is the SG more expensive?

If you can, try them out? I'm sure they're half decent guitars... I wanted a Futura at one point, but my Strat will suffice.
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Most post-hardcore bands play SG's, its cheaper new then a used Furtura, and it has a fixed bridge which will make it easier to change tunings.

The Futura is cheaper, and it has a fixed bridge. And it's not neck heavy. Who cares what everyone else plays?
You pretty much win either way with the Prophecy series, they're great guitars.

Only real difference is in the body. The Futura weighs more, the LP has less upper fret access, I find that the Futura has better sustain also. In this case, you can pretty much go with whichever one you think looks the best. They'll both play whatever genre of music you throw at them. (except if you want that twangy Tele tone... apart from that though...)
thanks everyone, except the douche that came here just to flame "get a better taste in music"
Jump off a ****ing cliff.
For Protest the Hero go with the Futura
Its hard to play PTH on a Les Paul becuase you cant get to the upper frets
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