all of these cost the same, all have 24 frets and floyd roses. The woods seem fine to me, the black one is Alder, the camo ibanez-type one in elmwood, and the gold/silver stripe is maple. Unless there is something i missed on the types of wood the only thing from choosing is looks.

I was leaning towards the X shaped one, but it was custom made and looks boxy to me, then i was thinking the camo one but it is made of elm and i hear thats a heavier wood, then there is the black one which i feel is too ordinary but i might just put a sticker on it.

What are some opinions you guys have?
I like the camo one. It kinda looks like a Kamikaze. And I like heavier guitars. Is it me, or am I noticing a trend with your color choices?
Personally, the black one reminds me of my first guitar and I loved it to death. I'd pick it just for its smooth looks. The others just look ridiculous, the camo and the stripes just look tacky. The X shaped guitar would suck to play if you're sitting down because guitars like those rest really awkwardly on the leg. My personal opinion is to go with the black one man, but I wouldn't put a sticker on it either. Hope that helps!
I like the X. The gold and silver stripes are tacky, but in a sweet way. Definitely an attention grabber.
X guitars are really tough to play sitting down, but that might not be a problem if you don't play sitting down. I like the Camo personally, your right your basically just choosing from looks.
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Thank for all the replies. I'm going to try to find out what brand the camo one is and compare it to the black one. And if one isn't better then i'll side with the camo one.
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Honestly? Never ever ever ever buy a beginner's guitar like an SX with a Floyd. It's pretty much bound to crap out on you.

Not all the time. Ive had this SX guitar: http://www.rondomusic.com/segstdplus.html for 6 months and the FR on it is still working good. It stays in tune good and isnt really that hard to set up, it would be a good learning experience for a beginner.

I think you should go with the black one, the SX I have is almost exactly like it and is a great beginners guitar.
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