I just put a SD Hot Rails in the bridge of my Strat copy and I'm wondering if I did the wiring right.

Bridge = No Hum
Bridge + Middle = Hum
Middle = Hum
Middle + Neck = No Hum
Neck = Hum

Is this how it usually works?
I think so, but i don't own a guitar with single coils, so I'm not sure
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Most HSS strats have it so that only 1 coil in the humbucker is used in the bridge middle position. The reversed polarity of the coils will cancel the hum.
Cool, thanks. I was worried something might be out of phase or something. This is my first time messing with a guitar that's got single coils, and I've heard Duncans need the polarity reversed in Fenders. Mine's a Peavey, so I wasn't sure if that would be the case. I don't mind not splitting the coils on the humbucker though.
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Most HSS strats have it so that only 1 coil in the humbucker is used in the bridge middle position. The reversed polarity of the coils will cancel the hum.

That doesn't apply here because he just put in the Hot Rails without getting a new selector switch or switching pot to split the coils. So both coils of the Hot Rails are being used and there's nothing to cancel the hum of the single coil when he's using both the HR and the middle pup.
You don't need an new pot or selector switch to wire it like that. Look at HSH Ibanezes, positions 2 and 4 are 1 coil of the humbucker and and the middle pickup.

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how bad is the hum?

was there hum before the pup was put in?

are the other two pups stock?

did you wire the red and white together?

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That's because they have different pickup selector switches installed than most Fenders. If you want coil splitting, you have four wires instead of two, all of which have to be wired to the switch, if it's HSH, that'd be ten wires all in all, on a regular strat with three single coils that'd only be six wires.
Fender does not install switches which take more than six wires if it's not necessary, simply because a more complicated switch is pricier than a basic switch.

EDIT: His strat was an SSS, the HSS wiring diagrams don't help here I fear.
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Nah, I thought that too before modding my strat. Turns out mine had a simple switch installed like most others. Bad thing is that if you don't have the bridge pup slit, it totally screws up the sound in position 4.

Actually, some proof, you can see that there are only six soldering points on the switch: