First off, I've been playing for 5 years and I'm almost intimidated by this band thing. I feel like I have to be amazing to be in a band. I know this isn't really true, but according to the bassist, the drummer - who I haven't met yet - is amazing. However, our bassist also say's I'm amazing. (I know I'm not that great, this isn't an ego trip.) Any tips to getting over this "nervousness"?

Also, I thought we should have a band meeting very soon, like this weekend, and I want to ask something; What topics should we talk about on our first band meeting. Keep in mind, we don't really know each other that well yet, and the main priority will be getting to know one another. More like just chilling rather than a band meeting, but we need to talk about something. I don't want to waste time.

Here's one more question; We don't have any "David Lee Roth" singers around here - We're all country boys. The only problem is, our bassist and I want to try our hands at covering some metal. Any suggestions on some songs that are easy on vocals, but around an intermediate level on guitar/bass?

Thanks guys!
First meeting: find a song you all know and play it. If there's no common song, just jam, but either way, the goal is to get the band immediately playing together and learning each others' styles.
Cover versions are good. If you can decide on at least one song it means that you can play a song together, as a band almost immediately. That will result in making you feel like you are already making progress before you look into doing originals. It will also help you begin to get a feel for the other band members' ability. You can't go on sombody's opinion, your bassist says the drummer is awesome, but you won't be able to make that decision until you hear him play. So try not to feel to anxious based on what other people say. I'm not going to suggest any songs for you to try as you need to come to that decision as a band.

Also, try and have a jam together. This will help you begin to work out what levels of theory different band members have. In one of my previous bands we were at about the same level so jamming was easy to do, whereas in my current band the other members know next to no theory, this makes jamming a little harder.

Anyhow, that's how I organise a band's first meeting, but above all, you are meant to be having fun...so have fun!
I hate meeting and talking about music for first band meetings - I really don't care, and it's a waste of time.

Email 3 cover songs to the other guys in the band to learn for your first practice. You guys are going to talk anyway, and check out whether your styles meld.

Oh, you don't have to be "amazing" to be in a band. However you will have to learn how to play with other people, and it sounds like this is something you have very little experience in. The only way you can learn this is by playing in bands, and your starting to do that now.

Congrats on graduating from bedroom guitarist. Good luck!
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Quote by AlanHB
Congrats on graduating from bedroom guitarist. Good luck!

Thanks mate! With all the things that could go wrong here, I'm going to need luck on my side, and lots of it! This is my dream!

Anyways, thanks for all the advice people. I'll have to get more information on this guy. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like these guys are as serious as I am.
I was nervous when I had my first band. What we did was all chose a song we liked and covered it just to see how well we gelled. Some bands can have the best players in teh world but if you dont gel...you dont gel.

What I LOVE doing is writing covers in our own style. My personal favourite is our Punk version of the Copa Cobana. Its just fun. Bands are fun. End of, your nervous but youll have fun. No doubt!
Quote by AlanHB
I hate meeting and talking about music for first band meetings - I really don't care, and it's a waste of time.

I may not be as experienced as you with first band meetings, since I just started a band and we're having our first meeting this weekend. However, I'm inclined to disagree with you. There's a lot of technicalities and logistics that I want to get out of the way, right away. That way, everyone knows what the deal is, what the objective of the band is, and everyone can be happy or whoever isn't can leave. That sounds mean, haha. The practice starts with a jam session for a bit and then I'll talk about the specifics and what me and the bassist has planned so far and all of our ideas, what we want to do with the band, etc. This are important things to discuss before the end of the first practice, assuming your satisfied with your band members. Everyone needs to be on the same page on several different things. Besides jamming and talking, I'll probably try to find 1 or 2 songs that we all know or something easy we can learn really quickly, just to play an actual song. I'll try to come up with a list of covers everyone is happy or at least satisfied with. Before the band leaves from the first practice I want to make sure we all understand what we're getting into and we're all comfortable. Otherwise, we're just wasting time. ::type

@The New Guy: I've only been playing for 14 months and I'm starting my first band. I'm not nervous at all, I'm extremely confidant and excited... although I'm sure once I start doing gigs I'll get the preshow jitters, but who doesn't? Just practice what you do until your fingers start to bleed, then do 1 more scale... I'm only semi-exaggerating
Just go and have fun playing with new people, it's the best thing about Guitar.
First thing you gotta know is what style/influences the other musicians. If you are a blues man/woman and the bass player is the embodiment of Behemoth it probably won't turn out so well. Next you gotta make sure you like the guys, jamming with people you hate will never work.

Lastly, don't be intimidated by the drummer, they aren't musicians anyways.
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Theory is descriptive, not prescriptive.

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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
Nobody listens to the drummer anyways, but if you ever get to playing a show, you have to rock harder then him.

REMEMBER: He's not better then you at guitar! If he tells you that you suck (which I very highly doubt is the case) ask him to try. So if he's "amazing" says your bassist, then just do what you do normally on your guitar.

If there is two guitars in a band, usually I've noticed, they try to one up each other at the first practice, so if in your case there is two, get your chops ready for that SOB (lol jk man).
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Why don't you just all jam and see what comes out

That wat she said!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Jason Newsted pisses off James Hetfield on YouTube.
Hope it goes well for ya man. Ive been playing for about 2 years and when I started I had a buddy that started drums same time I did guitar and another buddy who played drums, guitar and bass and he kinda taught us a bit. We only "jammed" (if you can call it that) a few times and thats the closest Ive had to a band hahaha. I dont think Im ready for a band but Id be super nervous about it. My plan is to get my chops up as best I can from now till college (next year) and hopefully Ill meet some like minded musicians (too many metal heads where I live now and I dont liek teh br00t4ls). Good luck!

edit: and lol at the drummer not being a musician hahah, gotta love them drummer jokes .
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Quote by pengiunman
Nobody listens to the drummer anyways

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew :x
Since I happen to be an expert on confidence, you are in luck. Okay, not true, but I can give you a few pointers, that's for sure.

First I would suggest that when you wake up, stare into the mirror for a good hard minute and tell yourself about how awesome you are. Tell yourself that you can outshred Steve Vai or that you can play the blues like you invented it or that you ooze more sex appeal than Jimmy Page (not saying I am in any way attracted to him). Tell yourself that this band needs you and that no other gutiarist will do. Tell yourself that you are awesome and whoever doubts that is wrong.

Obviously that's not really what you should do, but there is a key idea I want to emphasize: If you are confident in yourself, it will show and the band members will you perceive you in a more favorable light. If you appear confident and relaxed, the other members will likely infer that you are good at what you do and know it. On the other hand, if you appear like you could piss yourself at any moment, they might just think you can't tell the difference between your A string and your G string and dismiss you as a loser or something.

One key problem here would be if you exude too much confidence and your bandmates do end up thinking you're the next Vai or something (they'll probably write you off as a cocky dick before that though :p), then their image of you will be a bit hurt if you don't fulfill their expectations. So what you want to display here is a quiet confidence. Speak like you know what the hell you're talking about (or better yet, actually know), be cool, relax, and act like you're an equal, even though you might not be.

Anyways, good luck and I hope my advice doesn't get you screwed over. Sincerest apologies if it does.
As an alternative, you could honestly and objectively assess your own worth as a potential band-member and act in accordance with this assessment - if you would be a valuble band member, act with quiet confidence, if you would not be a valuble band member, work on whatever it is that would make you more valuble.

Assess yourself and others with as much honesty as you can muster, don't put on a show and work hard.

Just a thought.
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I agree with this man. At no point in time is logical thinking a bad idea. Decipher how good you are, and then act that way.
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Theory is descriptive, not prescriptive.

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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.