Hey UG. I'm working on a photography assignment in my Media Arts class, and I need some help finding some examples of certain photos. We're to come up with "10 Tips for Terrific Pictures", show a bad example of a photo, and the way to correct it. So far, I have

1) Keep your camera ready (batteries, film, extras, etc..)
2) Get close. Show detail
3) Use a simple background. Be aware of what's there.

4) Hold your camera study.
5) Move subjects off centre (called "dead" centre for a reason).
6) Vary the viewpoint

7) Include a foreground for scenic shots
8) Look for good lighting
9) Show people doing something. Don't just stand there.
10) Take extra pictures.

The bolded numbers are what I'm missing. If anyone can help me find the best (and preferably funny, epic, awkward, etc..) for them, massive thanks and e-cookies will be rewarded

Go? Please?

EDIT: Don't start on the "UG's not here to do your homework for you". I just need some help with pictures, there's writing pieces involved
Pick flowers not fights.
Make love not war.
Drop acid not bombs.

That should be called "Ten tips to make people think they know what they are doing, but in fact does nothing for and says nothing about taking a good picture."

You want pics. Go to Flickr.
does anybody have the picture with the couple together for a photo, with the bottle of "Anal Lube" behind them? That would work well for the background one, and my teacher has a sense of humor.

EDIT: nvm, got it.
Pick flowers not fights.
Make love not war.
Drop acid not bombs.

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