"i know more than i can say" - M. Polyani
well pit? agree or disagree?
do you think that it is possible to know something without being able to describe it?
just curious to see what you guys think, we were discussing this in theory of knowledge class today
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I think philosophy thread
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I say more than I know

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grok it.


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Yeah... a lot of the time, I have these really complicated thoughts in my head that make sense to me and I just seem to get it. In some ways I feel enlightened, but its frustrating because I know I can't articulate my ideas (or whatever is in my head) into words that make sense. Therefore I don't try to, unless someone wants to talk to me about that sort of thing.

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Definitely. It makes you look dumb too, but it's hard to describe my feelings or thoughts into ways other people can understand them. Maybe I'm just not articulate?
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