I've been looking at these two guitars for awhile and the only differences that I can see are the hardware (chrome vs nickel), fingerboard (ebony vs rosewood), and the nut (bone vs Earvana). These don't appear to be a big issue to me. Do they justify the price difference ($500+) or is there some other feature that I am missing? I was looking to get the Horizon but if I can save $500, then I'll go for a better amp. THanks
id go with the cheaper one and get a better amp........

BTW what amp are you getting??
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I believe you have the wrong forum, "Electric Guitar" would be the correct place for this.

To answer though, you're overlooking the fact that the ESPs are built using more consistently high-quality woods, and will feature better craftsmanship. Whether or not that justifies the extra cost is up to you to decide.
sorry guys, figured it was consider guitar gear and thus the forum.