Alright before the Fire starts, hear me out.

I like fall out boy for several good reasons.

1. They are incredibly good at Arranging their songs.
2. Alot of Blues and Hip Hop Influences Brought to the table by, The Singer (Name?) and Drummer (Name?)
3. The Lyrics are awesome, full of Melody and Metaphors makes them very dynamic and enjoyable to me.
4. The Singer is brings out techniques not heard in distorted guitar music forever, if ever.
Making them Unique to this Generation.

Now on the my Personal cons.

1. Pete Wentz Is a Fag... He should probably go die in a fire.
2. They aren't the most "Talented" when it comes to playing their instruments, except maybe the drummer.

Inb4 Gay Comments, Flaming, Anything Else I'm almost sure I'll hear.

BTW I'm not an Emo kid or anything, Fall out boy is probably the only Pop Punk band I listen to except for Blink 182 everything else in my library is Slayer, Lamb of God, Pantera, Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, CoB, Slipknot, with other Genre's Sprinkled in For Variety so don't Pigeon Hole me for my ideas.
There's already a Fall Out Boy thread.
there is no fear in this heart.

How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?