so ive been going on about this for a while..but anyway i have confronted the band and said there is a problem is that there is an effort by the singer to get rid of the stuff we do (heavy prog) and introduce his own singer songwriter electronica. anything that resembles heavy music he tries to neglect or criticise.

anyway i said it was prog and stays like that and they would have to take the singer songwriter alt electronica and do it elsewhere. im totally into other influences and getting our own sound but the fact he joined a metal band ' to be in a band' and doesnt like metal is a massive problem, so he either goes with it or goes elsewhere.

he want to stick with it, but how can he if he doesnt like the music? we cant get another singer..tried many times, and he is friends with the guitarist as well so he will leave as well if he leaves.
Oooh one of my singers did this, in the form of attempting to "rewrite" every song we had, and refusing to play them until they were now slow and acoustic, despite having regarded them as finished, as we'd been playing them already for 8 months.

Ask the singer exactly why they "feel uncomfortable singing" certain songs, and offer to make a compromise. Mine was to rewrite two of the songs, and help him with writing songs that fit more within his preferred sound. Don't let him get rid of older stuff, that would mean that you've wasted time on them because someones being a little cranky.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
he just doesnt like heavy music, but is in the band because he cant get any other round here where its remote. not much hope.