How would I program music, in ways such as Mindless Self Indulgence uses.

I'm currently in a band, and I'm seriously interested in learning how to program music, and create electronic sounds very much along the lines of Mindless Self Indulgence for possible use in my band, or just for anything i plan to do in the future in general musically,....all the research I've done as to how to do this SEEMS to point me in the direction of using synthesizers to accomplish this that correct...?

I could use a lot of help on this subject, as this is something I'm seriously interested in, and unfortunately am completely clueless on.

Oh, and i put this in the pit cause i couldn't really think of anywhere else to stick it.

*EDIT*: Also, by any chance am i completely wrong as far synthesizers go....and is all this programming that i hear in...once again...mainly Mindless Self Indulgence that I'm trying to go for done with some sort of computer program...?
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I don't know anything about it myself so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can come and help you out, but I have seen synthesisers in music stores that let you shape the sound graphically. Looks like a regular keyboard/synthesiser but with a touch screen and a crapton of buttons.

The only problem with this is that it was expensive as hell. Definitely not a beginners instrument but perhaps worth looking into.
You can use a software synthesizer with an lfo or two. get cubase and use it to sequence a synthesizer plugin.
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I'm not too sure how MSI does theirs but you could...

get a laptop and searching for sounds and samples works (mac of course)

get a keyboard and during instrument breaks play some **** (Geddy style)

Or pick-up one of those Roland GK systems (google it)
Thanks for all the assistance guys, but if anyone else has any more information that can help me out with this stuff, I'm open to anything.

Also, on top of any other information i can get on my programming troubles, I'm currently lookin at a program called Kinetic 2......would this program help me out at all with what im trying to do? Cause it seems like it might...

Their the link if anyone wants to check it out and get back to me.