I very recently changed my Warlock IT from passive to active pickups. I put in my SD Blackouts, and I followed the diagram as best I could (being that the instructions and diagram really don't help), and after hours, of putting them in, I plugged them into my amp. I tapped a magnet against each pickup on all toggle-switch settings, and that was fine. I put in my low E and when I play, there's absolutely no sound on Clean, and a very low sound (the sound almost as if I was playing on clean) on distortion. I've been tweaking the Tone and Volume knobs, and still nothing. I've gone through the wiring, and soldered two wires that came loose, and that didn't help. The battery is a 9 volt, and it's in perfect condition. Any help?

Also, for some reason, my volume knob has to be at a certain point to even get that low sound at all. If I go past that point, it loses that sound.
It sounds like a serious wiring problem to me. If you can't make sense out of the diagrams, you'll probably be better off taking it to a tech, or at least someone with some wiring experience, that can help you with the diagrams.
I got the distortion to sound much more full, and clean works now. Only thing is, for some reason Clean isn't affected by the amp's volume knob and I have to tweak it to get sound. And on all settings, the guitar's volume knob only works at one point. If I turn the guitar volume knob past that one point, it stops working, and stops working before that one point.
Are you using the right pot values? Are the pots or jack defective? A screwy vol pot or jack can make the guitar do funny things. My old Squier was sitting dormant for several months because I just couldn't figure out what was wrong. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn't get it to work.

After a while I finally realized, by accident, that the volume pot was at fault. Also, a ruddy jack was the problem for many of the guitars I have rewired.

Those are just my experiences. Hope it helps.
Well, the pickups came with 4 pots altogether, and my guitar is a 2 knob. Should I try the other 2?

Edit: And also the high output that the pickups came with are really crappy. You have to almost force the cable into it, I had to drill out the wire entry because it was too large, and it didn't even come with a nut over the washer that actually fit.
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Here's what you could do...

Just get a stereo jack and 25k pots from the local shop and use those. Forget the junk that EMG gives out.

After re-heating the solder joints and stuff, of course. Do the simple stuff first.