I'm thinking of buying a yamaha f310 off my cousin, have any of you guys had ppassed experiences with them? if so please feel free to sate them here thanks.
i have one. i abso-****ing-lutly love this thing. its a great guitar.

just don't forget, every acoustic has an individual sound. even the same models, so be sure to hear it, and play it.

just out of curiosity, how much are you buying it for?
$40 with case, strap and some picks. It's a couple years old though. but he never played it.
I think it's from 06
sorta, I know the basic chords and what not. But right now I have a Fender f-45(a guitar discontinued in the 70's!) that's set up like an acoustic so it's gonna be a big jump.
Thanks, would it be good with songs like "when I come around" because that's the kinda stuff I play
I own one, had it for quite a long time, it was my dad's, but he never played it. It was also my first guitar. I personally love it, but I'm looking into buying a new acoustic soon. Have fun with it!
For real.
When I first started wanting to play guitar, I had no idea what a "good" guitar was. I asked my parents to see if they knew any friends who were selling their old guitars. Luckily, that got me to my beautiful Yamaha f310. I can't say she's much to look at, but hot damn, it plays better than my friend's $500 Seagull. Every single one is different, but mine has a warmer tone, and it's fantastic for playing folk and acoustic blues. I still play it to this day, although I'm saving up for a Martin or a Taylor.

I say get it, you won't regret this guitar.
Im holding mine now as we speak. great guitar mate, and you can't go wrong at that price.

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I've been playing one for about 4 years now. The F310 really plays and sounds great. It's a great beginner/intermediate guitar. The only complaint I have is the lack of a cutaway, but that's only a minor problem since i normally don't find myself fretting higher than 13.. for acoustic guitar songs at least.

You won't regret getting it for $40. I've tried out some of my friends' mid end acoustic guitars, and I must say, the tone on the F310 is great for its price.
Thanks guys, I'm yet to buy it because my cousin is on vacation. He's getting back this week though! I'm really excited. I also need to save for a pickup though...