I know there are MILLIONs of threads on this song, but I didn't find anything in a more specific search, thus this new post...

In learning to play the classic Stairway to Heaven, what picking technique(s?) are generally used?

So far I'm just using economy picking for what I'm learning from it atm, which happens to be the introduction.
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how about finger picking?
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its the same finger picking motion over and over
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I recommend hybrid, so you can play the later parts of the song without having to stop.
Ah, so fingerpicking it is. Thank you all for your help so far.

I know about PIMA, and what not. (not the newest person to guitar/theory)

And jfyi: I just needed to know so that I didn't develop bad habbits. As this song is something that's going to be on my practice list for a long while to come.

BTW: Is fingerpicking used throughout the whole song, or just the intro.?
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


I use my fingers for the whole song up to the solo when I pick up my plectrum and keep it for the closing setion. Depends if you are comforable with hybrid picking then strumming with a pick or fingerpicking then strumming with your fingers either way can work.
just to add, the finger picking pattern isn't entirely the same through out, its gets much more complex at some point, and i do the strum patterns without a pic, this is how i play most songs, it gives you much more flexibility, you might want to try it, just a tip, it might not work for you as everyone's playin styles are different. so yeh i play the entire thing with out a pic
How do you play without a pick for the chord/rythm areas? I know how to finger pick, just not any ideas coming to mind on what you might mean here...
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


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ah... you know... sometimes the brain just doesn't latch onto ideas until you have someone tell you, and thus I'm experiencing a "doh!" moment here. Oi.
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


Haha, its ok. Had the same moment when I asked my cousin how you'd play chords without a pick a few months back.

I'd actually prefer one of those thumb pick things that people wear like a ring /having an epic fail moment with the name of it right now... but thumb works as well :P just be careful of deadening the strings.
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It's just picking...you don't even need to alternate...

Me attempting to tab a small except from memory:


I have issues doing the eD with a pick, so I fingerpick.
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I usually fingerpick up until the solo. I think Jimmy Page fingerpicks until
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Ah. Well, thank you all for your help.

I'll report back when I'm able to get going ... tonight or tomarrow.
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me