Hey folks,

I'm a bass player in a band, but I have a few guitars as well. I found this guitar in my uncle's attic. Its an old archtop, but the logo is all but worn off. My mom said my uncle used to play it when she first met dad (aka like 30+ years ago)

The wiring is really going in it, and I dont know what to think about the pickups. The strings are likely the ones that came on the damn thing. All in all its just dusty.

I'm wondering if someone could maybe identify the thing for me? the logo is almost worn, but you can see the shape of what used to be on there. I traced it in yellow.

If it's anything decent, I might make it a little pet project of mine to fix it up nice.





Thanks for any help.
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Your photos are broken sir
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Sorry folks. I can't buy a break today. Lemme try and fix em.

I think I fixed them. Lemme know if I didn't
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i saw it on a catologue on guitar center but cant remember man..why?
Hmm... has a gibson style headstock, so maybe an old epi. Looks like the gibson es-356. The only thing is the switch is on the bottom instead of the top, so maybe a really old model of it.

edit: If you look for it on google images you'll find some good ones, just type in gibson es-356 with bigsby
That, sir, appears to be an Epiphone Casino. Here's a link for a pic


I'm not much of an expert, so I don't know if they increase in value with age, I doubt it though; you can buy a new one for like £450 (probably around $600). Great guitars for Jazz, Blues and stuff. I'd do her up, just for fun :]
But I don't see an E on the pickguard, and the switch between the pickups is on the top.
You yourself said it was as old as hell. Manufacturers change their designs on their guitars all the time e.g. some new Les Pauls have 'chambers' where wood has been drilled out to make them lighter - does that mean they're not a Les Paul? Of course not. Same goes for an old car. I can't find anything more similar to a Casino. Go to a guitar store?
Honestly? I'm not sure. I mean I've played for about 2 years, and I've just got my first good guitar (Epi LP) so I'm looking at some pups for it. There's a manufacturer called GFS who produce amazing quality ones (some are apparantly hotter than Seymour Duncan's) so I reckon if you're on a budget (like me, being only 16) you should try them out (a pair of humbuckers for like $70).

I've just been learning about pickups in general myself. There are tonnes out there that give different sounds. Just did some research, turns out that P-90's are used in Casino's, and that's what I was going to get for my Les Paul. Here's a link:


(albeit a long one )
I dont think thats a casino or gibson
if you take out the pick ups you can probably find a logo on the back of them
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Well given that this was purchased back in the 60's or maybe 70's, my family were farmers then who didn't have all that much money. And my uncle was just a simple strummer. His brother Percy was the picker. So I don't know if it would have ever been a top of the line name like gibson or gretsch.
What would you suggest it is? As I said I'm not 100% sure but come one, can you get closer? Anyway, I'm off to bed. I'll check on this post in 13 hours of so. G'night, and good luck.
It's not an epiphone, thats a sort of gibson style headstock, I'm really wanting to say its a guild but the headstock is just a little off for a Guild too.
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Okay well the one I found you is pretty close, but not perfect, yours or theirs may be modified a little bit.
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Looks awesome.
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I wanna say ibanez artcore but im prolly wrong
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My uncle isn't really the kind of guy who would have modified it. Like I said, i think the strings are the ones that came from the factory. They sure feel and sound like it. I'm hesitant to take the pickups out because it ain't mine, and if its a heap of junk I wont offer to take it off my uncle's hands.
^ That's the most logical answer yet. Anyone who thinks that's a Casino or an Artcore is effing stupid. Sorry, but it had to be said. That's definitely from a short-lived Japanese company, it may not be Pyramid (though that would make sense given the logo) but it could be a Kay or something like that. Probably Pyramid, though.
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So now that we know what it is, my question is this:

The neck needs major straightening and the wiring is old. Is it worth it sinking a few hundred into the thing to put new pickups in it and fixing it up? Would it increase in value over time if I did that?