How to write music in the classic rock style?


Hey im really into all the classic rock music like led zep, cream, hendrix, jethro tull, but when ever i try to write my own songs in that style i can never do it, it allways sounds like newer music.

so if you know or write music like that please give me some suggestions.

write a riff in some pentatonic scale
write lyrics about good times, rock n roll, girls, dreams, etc
play a 2 min guitar solo
and end making weird noises
please read the rules so you know why this was closed, and why it belongs in a different forum

WTFEDIT: Beaten to it...
Look at your dick, think of a hot woman, often say "Derrr, can't spell crap without rap, derr," write a midnless solo and be a jackass.

It's pretty easy.
Poor advice.