...But I'm gonna take it like a man:

Why does everyone loathe the Line 6 Spider III? (!?)

My friend owns one, it seriously IS NOT BAD. All the channels are great. Insane has tone similar to that of BMFV (who admittedly has great tone). The clean is glassy and sounds great. PLUS on the bigger models you can download the exact tones from hundreds of bands and play just like them. The only flaw is the delay: The reverb and echo is good: but the delay is just not strong enough to really be noticeable. However, the tremelo, phaser and chorus is phenomenal.

TL;DR the Spider is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

It may not be the top of the line amp, but it CERTAINLY does not deserve to be labeled one of the worst amps of all time. You guys can keep using your amazing Peavey's and other legendary amps, but just because the Spider doesn't match it doesn't make it ****ty.