Yeah title says it all. Lately i've been noticing I dont like playing that much anymore, as I did before, I know its probably due to the fact that I havent been playing steadily for some time because of school. But I have a tokai sg, and its an SG shape, and I seem to be very ****ing annoyed with it. Everytime I play sitting down, it tends to slide or disposition itself from my leg, and I have problems with the width of the neck, my hands arent that big, and even when i used to practice a lot before, I noticed that the width felt uncomfortable. I've been trying out some LPs lately and somehow I find that the neck is much more comfortable, I dont know why. Now my question is, will selling my current guitar, and buying an LP inspire me more to play, or will it just give me a fix, and then relapse again? I cant just buy another new guitar cause i'm poor, thats why I would have to sell my current guitar and then buy a new one.

Has anyone else suffered this or had any feelings like these? or am I just being a bitch?
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lmao it all depends on u and on how U want to work with ur guitar playing i wouldnt care on what guitar i play with even if it sucks ass. i would want to shred with that crappy guitar and be proud
For a while I was jaded (bad equipment, etc) and for my birthday I decided to get an acoustic guitar, which I'd never owned before. Ever since then I've been far more dedicated to playing and I've had a lot of fun. I just got more stuff and I find that new equipment just keeps me going and wanting to try new stuff.

But it all depends on you. If playing guitar just isn't fun, then don't do it (but make sure that it's genuinely not fun for you, rather than you being frustrated for a little bit)
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It works for me but that doesn't mean it'll work for you. If the only reason you're not wanting to play is because of your guitar then maybe a new guitar would fix your problem. Just make sure it's a guitar that feels good before you buy it. Otherwise this might happen all over again.
it will be a fix seeing as your wanting a guitar with a more comfy neck. but you could relaps again. im kinda in this jam.
It helped me alot. I always wanted to play electric guitar, and all I had was an acoustic. When I got an electric guitar I improved more than I can say.
It also seems with every upgrade I get, I get better.
Also with your matter of uncomfortability, it would help alot if you had something that rested on your lap nicely, and something that is also good when you stand up.
It can help, but it can also lead to you spending WAY too much on gear. Just pick up a new guitar first, and only get more as you see fit.
It depends, on also what you dont like, if your guitar is pretty good dont.

Right now i think a new amp would inspire me more but i dont have $2k.
i could sell my guitar and case for like 500, no problem, I'm just thinking to whether i should or shouldnt, because i did spend like 100 dollars recently on new tuners and setup, and yeah it'll be like i spent it for nothing, honestly i like the sg shape, but for some reason i just cant seem to play it comfortably, it might just be my style of playing, but right now im really debating on whether I should go through with my plan. Right now i'm trying to stick to my acoustic, but it's kinda hard some metallica on acoustic.
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My RG inspired me to play more. The first day I bought it I didnt put it down for the entire day.
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It does for me. It might for you.
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It does for me as well, I got my 6505 last month and its really revitaized my playing in a way.
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It does give you a jolt, but the best way to get inspired is to join a band. It will give a purpose to your playing.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
to be honest, im probably 60% interested in guitar for the GAS, 30% in it for listening to good guitarists and 10% because i enjoy playing. im not a good player, never will be and dont aspire to be. what i do like is the "industry", the gadgets, the gear.

im constantly buying and selling because i just love trying new stuff and playing with gadgets.

so if your like me, it will do F all for you. however if you like playing even a fraction more than me it will help a bit because if u dont like your gear your not gonna pick it up.