Hey pit long time no see, hows the family doing?

2 things; some guy thew up on my floor the other night and now there's this slight stain but my whole room smells kinda funky, i used some crazy shampoo carpet cleaner thing on it but the smell won't leave, what should I do?

O yeah and should I get a lip piercing? I don't have any kind of job to hold down for at least 3 more years soooo.. yeah

cam pic relevant :P
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1. Wha?

2. No. Sorry, just not for you..you look to, how do I describe it? Innocent like..

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Nice to meet you. I don't think I've seen you before.

If you are down, and you don't think it will make any of your friends and family think of you differently, go for the lip piercing.
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*shamwow pic*

You see, I love that pic, but I never understood why he says he has to use a headset because he needs both hands when he's using one hand to hold a roll of paper towels, not the Shamwow.
You joined in '05, yet i don't think your atleast 17...
R.I.P. Jeb

woah that shamwow stuff is incredible I want it just to throw water everywhere and then whip it out an wow everybody

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You joined in '05, yet i don't think your atleast 17...

I'm 18, no lie
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Piss on the stain, it won't get rid of the vomit smell, it will just replace it...

No on the lip piercing... Unless you don't want girls to like you... Then go for it
Why did some random throw up on your floor? And no to the second one - you wouldn't suit it.
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cakemonster..you are truly my hero
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HONK!I like your cake.
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I can't stand it any longer.


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hmm seems a pretty unanimous no... I'll probably have a change of heart when i wake up anyways, damned mind changing :P The vomit thing is cos one of my friends had to stay in my room and we were very drunk, got very high an then he was sick everywhere for a long time. ergh
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1. wat is a guy doin in ur room pukin up
2. jew..:/ no

i'm not jewish
I honestly think the lip piercing wouldn't look that bad, contrary to what others are saying.

Do what you want, don't give a damn about what the pit thinks.
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i'm not jewish

No he said Jew:/No

Which means Juno. Which means a pregnant teenager watched that movie and threw up on your floor.