my heavily mod'ed Jackson DKMG is undergoing yet another, spur-of-the-moment modification
its the see-thru black with the tiger-striped maple top
so i'm stripping off all the finish and i'm gonna stain it and put some sort of finish on it
i have no idea what i'm doing right now, except stripping off the glossy finish, and maybe the black paint on the back

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Quote by GuitarEvan07
watch out. the maple top may not really be maple. could just be a veneer. dont wanna tear through that. could be quite ugly.

whats the best way to take off the finish in that case? the chemical peel paste?
i'm sure it isn't a full 1/4" cap for sure

if anything, i'll just strip off the glossy finish
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Quote by Albino_Rhino
Sand the sides and check if it's a cap or veneer.

lets just assume that its veneer
then what's the best way to proceed if i want to strip it down to the bare wood?

oh, wait, wil a maple veneer give good results too? if stained and ligntly finished? as good as a thicker piece of wood being treated?
a picture under bright light of the face of the guitar
it looks greenish, but that's because of the flourescent light. i might do like a tea-stain
or something really deep purple-ish like the night part of the sky at sunset
wait a minute... a sunset burst. inky purple on the edge thru reds and oranges and yellows in the pickup area...
eff me

wait, how would i get the specs on this model? this was one of the DKMGs that came with the EMG-hz pickups and the EMG booster knob

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