I finally got it done today. Well almost done. I have to make a nut for it tomorrow. The 1 I stuck on it is to low so Ill make 1 from tusq in the morning. Its made form maple and mahogany. The neck is a carvin, I sweated off the ebony 25" scale fret board and put a maple 25.5" progressive radius on it. Regular nickel frets dont last long with me so it has stainless like all my other guitars. No fancy inlays just regular black plastic. I had a set of spertzel tuners to put in it. The pickups are some golden age from stewmac from my pickup bin. I might put a different neck pickup eventually or both. Ill see how it sounds first. The bridge is a top loader so I didnt have to drill holes all the way thru. The finish is tung oil. I wanted to try a natural finish to see how it is compared to my other guitars. I dont have a whole lot of money in it. I bought the neck, the wood for the wings and the bridge everything else was laying around on my workbench. I will look around for some better looking knobs that will go better with the finish.
you could put a middle pickup in it for more tonal diversity and like perhaps scallop the frets or just tap the pickup with some push pull knobs for coil splitting or parallel circuts
I dont like a middle pickup at all. The bridge pickup is splittable, my carvin can be split and so can my LP but I never use it. And Ive never felt a need for scalloped frets. Its easier to put taller frets in, and taller frets are reversable scalloping isnt.
That looks like sex.
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Ill have to go thru my progress pics and post em. I just got done making the nut before lunch being a lefty its a pain as it seems nobody has preslotted ones in lefty. Its my first project of this kind. Ive built guitars from warmoth parts before and modded, painted others. I would like some more tools so I could buy a blank to make the neck. The mahogany needed to be planed and run thru a jointer I dont have either so had to drive to use one. A band saw would be nice. Be a whole lot cheaper to buy a blank than it is a ready made neck from carvin, 240$. But for a 1 time project the tools are bit of an investment. If I was going to build more be different. Maybe only build custom lefty guitars or something. I just got thru building a tube power amp from scratch I need to make a cab for it before its complete and still working a few volume issues out on it.