I just walked in to my room a few minutes ago to find my cousin, who considers himself to be a handy man with guitars, f!cking around with my Marcus Miller jazz. For some reason he believes that setting all the saddles on the Badass II bridge in a straight row will make my bass play better.

Is this bad? Ive been meaning to read up on some basic bass tech stuff, but i have the distinct feeling that this may not be whats intended...

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That's because you're a 13 year old who only focuses on guitars. I bet most people can't tell the difference between your voice and your mother's.
first step slap your cousin.

he just ****ed up your intonation. its an easy fix though. look up intonation guides online. its something you should learn anyway.
You're cousin is an idiot, knows nothing about bass bridges, and should never be allowed to touch your gear again. Those saddles are moved forward and backward to adjust the intonation of the strings. If you don't know what intonation is, look it up. Each string will practically always have to have the saddles in different positions to each other in order to have correct intonation, so what he's done has screwed with that intonation.

How far up or down the saddles are has no effect on anything else except the intonation, so this "it's better to have them lined up" crap is just a load of bullsh*t. I've been told by several guitar/bass techs that even if there's slight rattling caused by them being out, it doesn't matter and wont get amplified, plus you can just make slight adjustments to get rid of that anyway.

It is for reasons like this that I beat anyone who touches my gear. I'm not kidding.