There's a really cool guitar that I saw on Def Leppard's "Photograph" music video and I don't know what it's called. It had a trem bar, 3 pickups, and it had a Gibson Explorer-looking body. If you guys could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

I believe that guitar is a Hamer (black, right?). Not sure what model, but pretty sure that's the brand.
Although, I couldn't get a good look at the headstock, I would almost have to say that it was probably an Ibanez Destroyer (thought I could make out the faint Ibanez headstock logo in white), possibly a custom. If not, I know that Phil Collen has had (or still has, not sure) an endorsement deal with Jackson. Your best bet would probably be either one of those two.
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That would be the old Ibanez Destroyer, I believe the second generation one. Black with creme colored DiMarzio's. Phil had a signature model with them for a few years before going to Jackson. I think Steve Clark played them as well, along with his Gibson Firebirds.
Yeah, sorry, those guys are right. Ibanez Destroyer. Just watched the vid. I think it's Rick Savage that played Hamer basses (though, I might be wrong on that, too).
Thanks guys. Do you know where I could buy one like that? Or will I have to buy a regular and customize it with trem and 3 pickups? I don't think they make them anymore though, do they, weren't they sued by Gibson?

Check E-bay or local hock shops, won't come cheap, these are prized & collected. I believe the HHH config was stock on the DT-555 model, some destroyer ll's came w/a imitation kahler trem like this one, his apperars in the vid to have a real kahler. (hard to tell, vid too pixellated) Early model destroyers didn't have the bevel on the back or the little curve on the horn, post lawsuit design changes on the destoyer ll (I believe).

(correction- the dt555 was made for Phil Collen, here's the ad from when they went into mainstream production)

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