Poll: Do you still have your first guitar?
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Yes, i play it regularly
195 46%
yes, for sentimental reasons
151 36%
sold it
34 8%
45 11%
Voters: 425.
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I do. It's a piece of crap Squier strat I never use, but will always keep for sentimental reasons.
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I do. Cause it's only been 3 years

I've been playign three years too dude but I sold my first bought 3 more.
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Nope sold mine. It was a squier
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Yup still have it, only been 2 years.
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My first guitar was piece of crap, First Act acoustic that we had for a year before I started playing. The neck was broken so the action was literally 2 inches high. Lucky for me, my brother fell from our bunk bed and landed on it so it broke which made my dad buy my current guitar.
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I have my first electric. Can't find my first acoustic.
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I do its only been 2 years though. it was an acoustic some crappy hohner i thought they only made harmonica's i was unaware they made bottom of the line guitars too
My first guitar was my Martin LXM acoustic, which is still awesome 3.5 years later.
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I still have my first. It's my only acoustic.
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res squier affinity <in my closet>
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Quote by djrue211
I do. It's a piece of crap Squier strat I never use, but will always keep for sentimental reasons.

ME TOO. The Affinity series (or whatever it's called) sunburst thing? It was good when I first started, but the I got my Schecter...Never played it again. But there's no way I'll ever sell it.
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i still have my first electric... it sits in my closet 4 years after i got it.
I do! I love my Alvarez RD8 Acoustic!
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I do

It's a squier. it's a little dinged up, some paint is scratched off, and the input jack plate is gone, exposing the wire (which is ripped, need to solder it to get it to work again).

But still, it's my main practice guitar and I've had it for about 5 years now, and have learned everything I know on it. I'm a very sentimental guy, so I actually prize it above all my other equipment (including my tube amp and les paul studio). If my house was on fire and I had to choose to hang on to only one of my guitars, it'd be my squier. No lie.
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I have my first electric and acoustic for sentimental reasons, although my sister keeps them in her room.
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First guitar I ever played was my brother's acoustic, so I don't have it, but I still have the first electric I bought. A crappy Warlock. The bronze series. It has a burr on the 14th fret of the B string....
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I do. I modded my Starcaster so that it's got a neck/bridge p/up option when you put the pickup switch to position 2.

It's currently in some weird Sonic Youth tuning.
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I do because my Kelly has a floyd and there's no way in hell I'm going to go into drop D on that thing.
Where is the "no" option. Anyway, I killed my first guitar. I got really upset so I threw it outside and smashed it against the ground and burned it. Sighhhh.
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My very first guitar (acoustic) is the one I play most. I spent a lot of money beefing it up, so I sure as hell ain't going to let it collect dust.

My first electric isn't really being used much ever since I got into acoustic fingerstyle, but it gets some chug sometimes.
First was an Aria acoustic, which got stolen. I do still have my 2nd, a Squire strat.
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I still have it and it is my only one. I like it a lot though - it plays very well, but doesn't sound as good as it plays.
i do, but its a piece of crap and i left it at my parents house when i moved out. i cant believe i waited 6 years to spring for a decent guitar.
I have no opinion on this matter.
My first guitar was a Fender Strat.

So of course I do.
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