Hi, can anybody recommend the brand and thickness of a guitar pick that produces a very soft noise? Thanks.
soft pick = soft noise. try the jim dunlop nylon.38 for the softest sound possible. TBH you are probably not gonna like it.
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Soft pick = stupid flicking noise. Thicker is the key in my opinion. Chunks up your sound too. There are also crazy picks with rounded metal wire as the plucking surface. I have no experience with them, however. There are also reinforced (stiff) felt-type ones, which I've heard great things about. Really brightens the sound up on an acoustic.
i like dunlop .50's for my acoustic and 1.14's for my bass

but i have tried a wide variety and these are just the best lighter picks that we have in my area. for my taste anyways.

if you hit it the right way with little bit catching the i find the nicest bright tone that i can find in my guitar. also, the way you hold the pick can help with that.
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Dunlop's felt picks. They don't last for very long, but they give you a very soft sound.
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You could also just use your thumb. It doesn't get much softer than that.
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