Liking Torment and Fury when it kicks in probably my favourite
Its all a bit weird... but in a gd fun way ^^

Terminates way too catchy as well >.>

Recording quality is awesome.
The only tracks I enjoyed were Terminate and Reap, but that's only personal preference really. All of your tracks are excellent quality recordings, and I like your rhythm tone, if not a little bassy. The lead tone I did not like, however, it sounded too thin and treble-y (although the actual lead parts were pretty cool). The drums sound awesome too. I'm talking about Terminate here, by the way. Some kick ass riffs here, and enough variety to keep me interested - always a good thing. I love the riff at 2:50, absolute badass. The intro riff is cool too.

To improve the track - I really can't think of much to be honest. Maybe both guitar tones like I mentioned earlier but I don't think it sounds too bad as it is now. I personally would have made it longer all together with longer lead parts as well.

Thanks for critting mine too.
hard to crit these songs, they all sound perfect to me, your playing is really good man
keep it up