Hi guys,i need help with my gear.I'm currently using a Crybaby Wah Pedal and a Death By Audio Fuzz War pedal.The trouble is that the wah is not strong at all with the fuzz pedal.My guess is that the Fuzz pedal is too powerful.Anyway when i connect it in the order of Amp->Wah>Fuzz>Guitar,the wah is really weak.When i run it from Amp>Fuzz>Wah>Guitar,the wah is hardly there and it just adds treble to the fuzz.Is there any way to make my Wah stronger when played with the fuzz?Or do i need a better wah pedal?

My Gear:
Fender Strat.
Death By Audio Fuzz War
Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal
Marshall AVT 20X
Common issue with most wah and fuzz setups. The input impedance on a fuzz is generally low, this is what creates the weak sweep. The best way to fix it is with an output buffer on the wah.