So after I record my songs (mostly acoustics) they sound flat,dull, and they don't have that "oomph" if you know what i mean.

like heres an example

http://www.myspace.com/chasecoy , listen to the song "Jeanette"

see how in the beginning it has that whole soothing atmosphere sound in the background throughout the whole song?

how do i get a sound like that?

i'm using acoustica mixcraft 4.2, do they have like a built in effect or something? or is it from some kind of synth?

thanks a lot
There's some synth going on throughout to fill out the song a bit. Also, what are you using to record? If it's just a simple home set-up, it's never going to match a set of very nice mics. Also, there's a lot of post-production on there as well. EQing, etc.
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