hey guys c4c hit it up let me know what you think. its all screamed

1st verse
The past
Doesn't change
I can't just forget what you've done

chorus x2
we can't move on
look forward
its gone

1st breakdown
now look at the **** you've done

2nd verse
this is forgiveness
but u were wrong
now how can u deny it
after this long

chorus x2
we can't move on
look foward
its gone

2nd breakdown

the truth is your a ****ing *****
Music is like cand, Throw away the Rappers
To be honest man, Its hard to say. Do you have music for it?
The Anger definatly shows through, which is a good thing for this sort of song.

Maybe try to be a little more on the figurative side for the first verse? Its a solid idea that maybe just requires a little brainstorming. maybe if you mirrored the structure of the second verse (which has a ring to it btw).

chorus could be cool if done correctly.

This could possibly sound decent with a solid kickass riff or two.