i think few months ago i had made a tread about this

well anyway for those who were giving me suggestions about books that discusses the laws about counter point i would just like to say "Thank you!"

anyway ive been studing it off and on *due to things getting in the way*

well on to my point of this Thread

after reading and experimenting i tried making pieces on the study of CounterPoint
and im uploading one of them on my profile.

its about a 35second piece im cutting it up into 5 pieces so you can hear how every thing is build from the ground up each new clip gets closer to the finished piece

you dont have to listen from part 1 to the finished piece as each clip you listen to you will hear Contrary Motion inversions and all that stuff blah blah.
im just trying to show those who are also interested in this theory
how its put to gather.

so please comment,criticize what ever i just need some sort of feed back on this
again i wish some one could answer my questions....thats one thing books cant really do lol