I need an amp for bedroom and gigging that has great cleans with plenty of headspace and works well with pedals, so the JC-120 seems to be a perfect fit.

Would I be right in assuming that, because it's a solid state, the clean tone would be good at low volumes (bedroom) as well as high (gigging)?

Also, how would the JC's 120W compare to a tube amp's wattage as far as volume is concerned? Is 10W (tube) = 30W (solid state) a good estimate?

PS: I have a MIA Strat.
The JC-120 can go super loud (loud enough to play large indoor venues) and as you said, because they're solid state, they can also sound good down low. HOWEVER: Many JC-120s have been known to develop a hiss that can be a pain at low volumes. I have played a vintage one with such a problem, but I think its less of a problem on the re-makes. So if you're looking at an old one (which are meant to sound better, idk) if you can have a go on it first.

Beautiful diverse amps though, I'm saving for one myself and its pretty hard to get a cheap one here in New Zealand.

Hope this answered the bulk of the question.
I've used mine for bedroom practice and it's great. Old vintage one (without the hiss!).

Just to be aware, it's not exactly 120W, it's two seperate 60W RMS amps.
But as Harmony.Korine said, it gets very loud; I've used mine at very large venues and also outdoors with no problems whatsoever.

It's a shame you're so far away coz I'm actually selling mine.
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i gig with one regularly its a vintage one without hiss, and yeah it fantastic love it to peices, good cleans and any volume unless you crank the **** out of it and get nasty solid state OD. and no 10w tube does not = 30w SS, it really all depends on speakers and there efficiancy not the watts you have. for example a 1000w ss amp and a 4x10 bass cab is just as loud as a 50w tube with a 4x12 except only the speakers in the bass cab are less eficiant and sensitive than to say aguitar speaker
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