I sing this with my acoustic. I like it, and it sounds half decent, but it's not finished. It's about the advice I attempted to give to a friend in a complicated situation. Turns out im not much on advice. any ideas for finishing it and honest impressions would be appreciated!!

There are many ways to run,
but all must lead back home.
So before you think you've won
remember, you're alone.

Its the silence that breaks us,
it covers and swallows,
it sucks you into the ground.
this hollow it offers
the earth in denial
and covers the sky with the sound

of i dont know
how could i know.

There are many ways to hide,
and seek solice in the dark
from chemicals inside the mind.
While you pull yourself apart.

Its the human inside us
that causes confusion
of intellect and thought.
In silence it matters
to render these battles
unable to be fought.

But i dont know,
how would i know?
I'm just running circles in the snow.