Sorry for the noobish question, but how do I tune a regular tuned guitar to

D (Up)
A (Up)
D (Down)

I have a tuner of some kind, but don't know what to do? Do I detune and tune up the strings or what?
Please, explain like you would to a retard lol
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Just twist the tuning knobs (on the head of the guitar) until the open string sound is the note mentioned.
There are some tunings that tune up but tuning the B string to D is going far too far. Where did you find this tuning???
What about octaves??

A comment on the tab suggests this which i think would be easier on the strings

Tune your strings as such:
d (down)
C (up)
C (down)
G (down)
C (down)

Then capo at the second fret.

This is better for your guitar than just tuning outright.

Hope that helps
Ok, thanks BUT how do I tune E to C ? I get that I should turn the knob, but how would I know it has become C? The tuner I use have guitar tuning and bass tuning. What do I use? <.<"

Edit: I got it for E but for the other strings I need help.
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Buy any standard chromatic guitar tuner (if your guitars not electric or electro accoustic then you need one with a built in mic) or tune to a piano or keyboard