do you change the way you hold the pick when palm muting? i've noticed that when i palm mute i roll my pick in to the flat part of my index finger and when not palm muting i roll it back to the side of the bone. is this common or is this a flaw i should work to correct?
does it work fine without impeding your playing? can you quickly go from fast picking to fast palm muting with no gap in between? if so, then it's fine. there's no real "right" way to hold the pick. but if you say no to these questions, then yes, you should change.
nah man if you're comfortable with it dude. Everyone does different things, for example i keep my hand the same I jsut roll the meat of my hand over my floyd rose. I mean it depends of how you started and who you took advice from like i got mine fro ma Dave Mustaine video and that's make my picking hand the way it is. So theres no problems with it. man don't worry abotu it and get your chops up
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