Hey guys and girls.

My band Loga have recorded 5 songs in Lionheart Studios in Oslo, Norway. Just got it back, and i have put the songs up on our myspace site.

Any feedback would be great

Myspace Loga

(add us to your myspace friendlist if you like it, and want to

- Rock on !,,!
I like it! My band's Tryfon, we added you.
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Overall I personally think it didn't keep my interest in enough, to help fix that without changing the overall structure of your songs, try to add my harmonies, and leads, also, the vocals need a lot of work, I'm a fan of that style, but go for a more Anders (In Flames) esque technique by switching up the range a lot (that is if your singer has a good range), but also, I don't think the vocals fit well at all over the metal-core like guitar riffs, the clean vocals did (sounded to punkish, imo, but not bad).
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not too shabby at all.

pretty clean sound but at the same time i found that it lacked any amount of oomph.

but myspace can do that..
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This is awesome, keep it up guys! The quality is not the best I've heard, but I think that's probably down to MySpace because I used to have an account and it made all my music sound crappy. I'm not a fan of some of the vocals either (clean parts are awesome) but that's just personal preference anyway. Reminds me alot of Trivium overall (not in a bad way). I listened to 3 of the songs, my favourite was definately Lust but I think a solo would have made it complete.