Does someone know a metal setting for the Zoom G2 multi effects pedal?

1. "normal" riffs


I really appreciate any kind of help
Quote by Capt_Clarkson
what kind of sound you going for?
name a guitarist your trying to sound like

maybe bands like megadeth or metallica
Hello everybody, i'm new here so feel free to tell me if i'm not posting in the good section but I do have a request about Zoom G2.1u.
I bought it like a month ago and there are still things i don't get about it.

I'm actually playing Six of All that remains, I think i'm doing quite good for the moment but the tone isn't good so it kinda pisses me off.

So if anybody could give me some tricks to identify the tone of a song and if it was possible to get a patch about Six that would be sweet.

Thanks a lot
*if only there was a program being able to detect the tone of a song and link it through the USB cable that would be so easier :p Maybe in a few years*

PS : Sorry about my english, it's not my native language unfortunately