A five-year-old boy who vanished from an Australian river edge was taken by a crocodile, police have confirmed.

The remains of Jeremy Doble were found in the stomach of a 14ft male crocodile.

The creature was trapped in the flooded Daintree River in the far north of Queensland.

Jeremy went missing from a nearby spot on February 8, a police statement said.

He had been playing with his seven-year-old brother Ryan and his dog behind their home in a mangrove swamp when he disappeared.

Ryan told police that he saw a crocodile immediately after but did not see an attack, officers said.

A 10ft female crocodile was trapped last week but later released after a surgical procedure found no evidence it had been responsible for the attack.

Police were unable to say immediately what will happen to the male creature after its stomach contents were examined using a similar non-lethal procedure.

Crocodiles have been protected under federal law since 1971, since when their numbers in Australia's tropical waters have steadily grown.

But authorities have the power to destroy any that threaten humans.

As terrible as it is, I lol'd at the last sentence.
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The crocodiles know steve irwin is dead. they're now making their full scale attack.
...That's pretty...grim...
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Why oh why did I read it as 14 foot ****.

Oh well

It's good that they found the kid, anyway.
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I dislike Crocodiles.
Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who...
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