I don't know how to exactly define it's genre, it's a song that's supposed to fit in kind of a project I'm working on, 8 songs who'll together form one story..
this song comes as 4th song, just the one I finished first:P

the story will be about a man who falls in love with a vampire and gets bitten, for which he is seeking revenge later on
this song tells the part where he regrets falling in love with her, and where he is confused about why she did it, and his emotions are slowly turning from love into hate..

anyways, please check it out, I really want to know what you guys on UG think, and I'll be happy to crit any of your songs, just tell me where they are and I'll get back to you on it as soon as I can

lyrics are included in an extra vocal track I decided to put in

Oh and btw, for all the metalheads out there, the album in it's entirity is gonna have all kinds of stuff on there, merely progressive metal influenced, like symphony x and dream theater and this probably will be the only calm song together with another ballad I'm working on:p
Faded dream.zip
I'll sing you a story of a duck
A duck whose name is Alfred Kwak
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aww loverly.
nice well rounded song.
i like it a lot. just one thing- the first riff i couldn' t help but be reminded of still waiting by Sum41. this is a bad thing.
but other than that nice, very nice
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Very good song. It fits together well and suits your story perfectly. The only suggestion I have for you is to get rid of Bridge 4.1 and the Outro all together and just end on the whisper. The reason I say this is because you have mentioned that his emotions go from love to hate, but with the outro it seems as if he begins to love her again.
If you do end up keeping it, change the very ending. The chord that it lands on sounds very cliche.
The many solos are great as well. They suit the song perfectly.
Amazing song and cant wait to hear it with a real band playing it.
Thanx for the advice, I've looked at bridge 4.1 and the outro, and I think you're right about that, makes it sound to happy at the end.. overall it sounds better if I cut that part away, I was too busy working on other stuff to really pay much attention to that
I'll sing you a story of a duck
A duck whose name is Alfred Kwak