Two moderately related questions about USB interfaces and Flextones and whatnot

Ok so I want to start recording again after my Toneport GX got lost in the christmas post when I tried to return after it broke , looking around the net I find no sign of the Toneport's existance and after a little research I found out that Line 6 decided a paint job and a little tinker with the software equated to a 250% increase in price, woop-dee-****in'-doo.

So anyway here I am looking for cheap usb interfaces (sub-£35) and the only one I can find is the THE T.BONE USB-1G which seems pretty nifty but rather tacky. I tried looking for a used POD when I realised that my freakin' amp is a POD, but I have no idea of how to record it directly (No mic) through USB.

So my two questions are;

  • Can I record my Line 6 Flextone III Plus through MIDI with a simple MIDI to USB converterator?
  • Also, does anyone have any experience with this T.BONE USB-1G? How does it perform?

EDIT: After some more research I found out that the MIDI in and out is for CONTROL only (damn!), but I looked at the amp and saw some XLR outputs so I looked around and found THIS. It;s intended for microphones but would it work?

Thank you for any help,
Line 6 Flextone III Plus
Behringer FCB1010 Emulating a FBV Longboard
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