why has noboy heard of this man! look him up on youtube, he is immense! his best pieces are "perfect waves" and "city lights" please everyone, just go listen to him!! n let me know what you think. and if you think you can tab these songs then go for it
I concur. He's awesome. I would love to see a tab for City Lights. My ears can't decipher all the parts of it lol
hi man,

i just wanna to tell you that i got the tabs for this song if you want to learn how to

plat it so i can give you

it hard to write from my ears i hope it's close to the orginal !!!

so if you want it tell me and i'll give you this

bye bye/
Found this guy today, he is absolutely fantastic, and then his from Denmark like me!

Would love to see some tabs from this guy, but it looks as though they have been taken off UG because of damn copyright...